Will I be notified when my item return has been received?

Yes. You will receive an email notification from our Customer Support Specialist indicating that your item has been received and the merchandise credit has been issued to your account.

Are item exchanges available for a different size/color/etc.?

Some of the items available for sale are limited in quantity. Therefore, it is unlikely that any additional similar items will be available for exchange. In the unlikely event that the item remains available, an item exchange for a different size/color can be considered.

What if the item received is wrong, damaged, or defective?

Immediately contact our Customer Support Specialist for resolution at:
Email: CSS@Greenlayersports.com
Phone: 503-297-3785
Fax: 503-296-2644

Are there exceptions?

Yes. Some items may have warranty restrictions imposed by the manufacturer. In this circumstance we will provide you with specific instructions on how the return/repair will be handled.

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