COVID19 Message

This spring marks a period of uncertainty as event directors try to plan for the impact of COVID-19 on their events. As we have moved through March, events have gone from thriving registrations to cancellation, postponement or virtual. Most events will be impacted for the next 8 weeks minimum with future registrations into summer and fall slowing. The financial impact and uncertainty is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

At Greenlayer we understand the risks involved and the uncertainty tied to plans which have been in place for many months. Although none of us know what the future holds, to do our part for the community, we have been looking at how to best help our customers and the industry as a whole. The results are the following programs, designed to offer event directors flexible programs that minimize risk.

  • Sharpened lead time on stock program orders to allow numbers to be finalized 7-10 days from the event on printed orders., The stock program covers performance shirts and blends. Blanks can ship in 24 hours or same day if placed before 10am.
  • If you must have a custom product, we are offering a 3-week lead time with free air ship. It is not necessary to put in orders months out from the event, especially with the risk that your event could be cancelled and you may not be able to recover your deposit back.
  • Blanks- If you order blanks from us, we will take back any unprinted shirts with no re-stock fee. This is not a new program, but a good refresher!

We are also offering the following tips and services as event directors plan:

  • Do not date your race shirts- to reuse your shirts in case of postponement or cancellation.
  • Virtual races- If your team needs assistance fulfilling product to runners from virtual races, please contact us.
  • Choose in stock shirts or quick turn custom to best reduce your exposure of ordering the wrong quantities, or having the event cancel.

We understand that many of you are having to make some difficult decisions and we will do our best to support these efforts and minimize your exposure.

Best wishes to everyone and let us know how we can best help you.


Kim Bilancio- President

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at:

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